Aug 31, 2008

Lessons from Lina

I met Lina today. I was getting my nails done and we had a very interesting conversation on many things. She was trying to convince me to have more kids because "one is very lonely and might get really selfish". She liked the nail polish I picked out. Like most moms, she's very proud of her kids. A boy and a girl.

She said her little boy is so smart and talented and responsible. The little girls is cute and sassy. She was proudly telling me about her little boy's speech in front of many people in school and how good he did. Then she told me something very interesting about Michael Phelps.

"Can you believe that guy? He won everything," she said.

"Yes. I like that guy very much. He is a very gracious winner," I said.

"He should have let other people win in some of the events - and make some more mothers proud. Not just his own," said Lina.

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