Aug 31, 2008

Lessons from Lee

Lately, I have been into getting my nails done because I like the foot massage and leaving the place with soft feet and perfectly painted toenails. It started a few weeks before I got heart surgery. I decided that in case I die really young, I better live life to the fullest. I have a long list of things to do before I die. Among the easiest ones to achieve is having nice toenails. I might never ever climb up Half Dome or up Mt. Everest - but I can have nice toenails.

Lee works at this nail salon in Fremont. The Nail Spa, I think it is called. Right by REI on Auto Mall Parkway. She has the best PR in the entire place. She introduces herself, tells you about her family and asks about your family. On top of that, she is regarded as the nail expert in the place.

One day, she told me, "You come here too much. Don't do that. Save your money."

To this day, I don't have a good comeback to that. She's right. I have to reassess my "things to do before I die." There are better things than getting perfect nails. For now, I'll enjoy my shiny colored toenails.

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