Aug 31, 2008


It's only been a week since I last hung out with my Filipina friends. And I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Hahaha! We're always planning the next get-together and looking for reasons to get together other than just getting together. Two weekends ago, we even had a dog birthday party - which may sound a little shallow, but we needed an excuse for a party.

Last time, we had a "just because we can" party. It was a blast. Little JellyBean had everyone's attention with his antics. Of course, there were other kids around. I only had eyes for my JellyBean. Ayaw nalang gud mo ug supak.

Next time, we might have a boggle tournament, or little AJ's birthday or Lyn's birthday or Judeeta's birthday. Or we might just meet up for coffee, tea or a little window shopping trip. It feels good to be able to speak in my native tongue.

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