Jun 23, 2008

Argao, Cebu

This is my hometown's website: Argao, Cebu.

Argao is home to the best mango, torta and tabliya, in this author's opinion. Way musupak. Ako ning blog. Aside from a 400-year-old church and old Spanish and American architecture, Argao has beautiful beaches, parks, a legendary pier and lots of warm friendly people.

I miss tidepooling (manginghas ba, I don't know the exact English word), swimming, fishing, going to the pier "magpahangin", relaxing in the town plaza, going to church, buying fresh produce from the market on Sundays and just running around town in general. I miss the shows and beauty pageants during fiesta time and all the contests and parties at Christmas and New Year. I miss purple sticky rice and thick rich hot chocolate after Misa de Gallo on Christmas.

As much as I wish Argao would stay the rustic, beautiful place of my childhood, it is evolving. And for the better, much to my relief. The town plaza looks more modern but tasteful. The old buildings and structures are restored. Whew! Now I can only wish they do something about those antiques that the Parish Priest decide to paint gold. (What is wrong with that guy?)

I almost forgot to mention that there is free WiFi all over town. Sounds like a Lok Technology deployment. It is not. So far, it has received rave reviews. As soon as I can, I will be on that bench in the town plaza blogging about how awesome Argao is.

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