May 18, 2008

the last thing on my mind

there's a commercial for old navy on tv. 'the last thing on my mind'...

here are my last thoughts for the day:

* Bear Grylls ROCKS!!! That 'survival expert' that squealed that Grylls is a hoax is so extremely stupid. He never claimed to be doing the real thing and that he was alone. That 'expert' did ruin the show a little bit. But now the show is back to its original glory. :P at you, lame 'expert' dude.

* I have been acclimated to the temperature here. The most recent heatwave did get to me. Well, that combined with stress, and that fasting I did. Got a little sick in the past couple of days. The gross bile-in-the-throat kind of sick. At least exedrin took care of the body pain. At least I still got some work done. My mom would be so darn proud!

* Saturday Night Live - Jennifer Aniston rerun. Not as cool as the Justin Timberlake rerun. Give it on up to OmeletteVille-ah!!!

* Whitney is America's Next Top Model. I'm kinda happy for her.. I like Whitney way better than Fatima. But really, I think it's Tyra telling the entire country to kiss her fat ass. Anya was hands down better than Whitney. This is not the first time I felt that the deserving girls got jipped. These include Chantal (and Heather!), Natasha, Joanie, Kahlen, and Amanda. I only girls who ever won that I was rooting for were Yoanna and CariDee. I'm not the only person who said that Tyra Banks has preference for minorities or people that were victimized or has a really sad story. All that is touching. But as they say on TV a million times, "This is a competition". These girls' body of work should be seen. Over their background. I seriously think they got jipped.

* Tommy and Cara won Beauty and the Geek. Not bad. Tommy's really cool. He won the contest for her. Definitely not as fun as previous seasons. Bring back someone like Sam who was metrosexual and funny.

* Okay, I watch a lot of TV. I promised to stop watching Lost, but since D hogs the TV when lost is on, I inadvertently get drawn and end up watching it anyway. Not bad. The last two episodes were pretty exciting.

* It's almost fiesta time in Looc, Argao. Everyone is so excited about it. Following tradition, I'm sponsoring a mass, donated to the chapel, and provided for the food. I explicitly instructed them to not buy any alcohol, but I'm sure someone else will pony up for that. All in the name of festivities.

* My Ninong just got better. I heard he had a bout of something I can't remember and that he was just diagnosed with diabetes. It runs in the family. I'm glad he's better now and hopefully running around the country in a helicopter. I wish he'd give me a lift(pun intended) next time I'm home. Better yet, I should get a helicopter license? Hmmm.. one hobby at a time, D said. Gun licence OR aikido. not both. Not yet. To date, I have about 37 hobbies I am actively involved in.

* Finally got that chain saw for my Dad. After a long extensive research process. Considering price, weight, ease of use, reliability, quality and effectivity, I decided that an 18" Husqvara 353 is the best for what he needs. The 353 is pretty hard to find so we got the 350 instead. Pretty close.

This list is getting long. A lot on my mind. I better close this one post and start another one.

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