May 20, 2008

First Visit to Philippines?

Okay, so I'm obviously excited about going home in July. It's all I have been talking about. This time, D's best buddy is going to Cebu with us. Naturally, we have the 'what to expect' conversation.

After we discussed Omiyage( Dude is Hapa, prefers the Japanese term.), we talked about what to expect when it comes to weather, accommodations, travel, cultural differences and such. Without really saying it, the theme was, "Have an open mind."

For a first time visitor, here are some of the things to expect:
  • prepare to fall in love - with the place, the people, the food - everything!
  • hot humid weather - it's tropical
  • be stared at - especially by kids in rural places. Please do not take this as rudeness. It is mere curiousity. They are probably just amazed to see a real non-brown person in real life. Especially if you're over 6 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • be invited to sample unfamiliar food - you don't have to say yes if it's too weird for you. The easiest excuse is that you're allergic to *name weird food group here (like balut, say eggs or embryos. hehe)*. Saying that you're full usually results in more insistent urging for you to taste whatever it was. However, it is really nice if you do try and taste, and they really appreciate it. You might just end up with a new favorite food. And you'll get more cultured that way
  • be open to unfamiliar ways of travelling - jeepneys offer no privacy at all. Tricycles can be cramped. Habal-habal and motor boats feel unsafe. But it is all fun! And probably safer that the freeway, IMO.
I'm running out of ideas. More to come later.

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