May 19, 2008

my love and hate relationships


i love friendster. i love seeing pictures of my friends and family. it keeps me in touch with home.

however, friendster's upgrades are not always the smartest and most efficient. read: it it ain't broke, don't fix it. and for some reason, my free time coincides with their scheduled maintenance.

forwarded emails:

i have noticed a significant decrease in forwarded emails lately. whew! After receiving so much, I have decided on reading forwarded mail only from certain people whose tastes I admire and who I know won't fall for hoaxes like "if you don't forward this email to 30 people in the next 30 minutes, your mom/dad/dog/cat will die."

Chain emails suck. For wishes and luck and such, there are other things to resort to like astrology, the tooth fairy, the local soothsayer. And oh, I hear that being a good person seems to attract good karma. Try it.


I love how Sunstar keeps me up to date on news from home.

One thing to improve on: their online layout. It looks so amateurish. And the ads are irritating.

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