Apr 27, 2008


I got in an hour and a half of snowboarding yesterday. This is the second time I have gone and it has been two years since I got a one-day lesson from Simon Lok. I have to thank him for having been an excellent teacher.

So yesterday, I was a little worried because we had my friend's 4-year old daughter on the lift with us. My friend was there to guide her, of course and she was probably a better snowboarded than me. But I was worried that I might lose control of my snowboard and run into her. Good thing I didn't.

In fact, I got along fine. It turned out my muscles remembered snowboarding! I was so happy! Although I can only do Falling Leaf and J-turns on my heel edge, it was just amazing. snowboarding is one thing I really want to do more of. D is a good snowboarder and an excellent skier. Hopefully his volleyball schedule isn't too tight and we can sneak in a day in Tahoe next year.


Peter Varma said...

Nice to read your blog.
Which sky resort do you recommend in US and Europe?
Pankaj (Pete)

pulangbanca said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks for stopping by. I have only been to South Lake Tahoe, and I have nothing bad to say about it.

The view is beautiful. You can see the lake from a lift and from certain parts of the run.

It's definitely worth visiting!