Apr 30, 2008

ruling: shave your eyebrows

I read this article from msn today.

A school in Portland, Oregon imposed a new rule: Shave off your eyebrows or go home. The new fad of kids shaving vertical lines on their eyebrows a la Soulja Boy prompted the school's decision. Apparently, one eyebrow gets on line and the other gets three to signify 13.

I think the school is right. If you think you're cool enough to carry off vertical lines on your eyebrows, you should be cool enough to shave your eyebrows off! Peer pressure is really hard to deal with. Especially in high school. My mom is quick to remind me that she's not sending me to school to be a fashionista or be a socialite. I was sent to school to get educated. If I get good grades, then yes I might think about fashion or going out with friends. But homework first. And excellence was a requirement.

One of my friends in college was thinking of getting his ear pierced. He asked his dad about it. His dad said, "That's fine, son, if you wan't to be beautiful. Earrings are made to make women beautiful. Get your ear pierced if you want to be beautiful. The same goes for long hair". Paulo never did get his ears pierced.

The need to be cool and be in the in crowd is terribly hard to resist. My little cousin wants sneakers from America so he could be the coolest in school. I said yes but ONLY if he's top of his class.

In the past few years, fraternities have grown in number in Cebu. In Argao, their presence is very obvious. And a lot of people want to be part of this fraternity because they want to be cool But the stupid thing is that a number of these fraternities are misguided. Some are merely gangs with Greek letters. I have absolutely no respect for them. There are graffiti, violence and more kids doing drugs. I knew one kid who threatened to kill his own mom. He got brave because he got a gun through his fraternity.

Being cool is cool. But even cooler is being cool for the right reasons.

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