Apr 30, 2008

Bank Robbery in Carcar

Stumbled on this story from Sunstar Cebu.

The manager, Webster Morales was a neighbor in Argao. It's nice to know that he was able to sneak out and call the police when the bank he works at got robbed. In the end, one of the robbers died and another was wounded, according to the report. It sounds like there were other accomplices who got away.

I'm proud of the policemen in Cebu. Especially Officer Agadier who killed one of the robbers who held an employee hostage. I hope this sends a message to all the robbers in Cebu. Stay out, stop robbing people or die.

A while back, I remember there was much brouhaha over some vigilante group that was killing known thieves and robbers. A lot of people are saying that it is a violation of human rights and these people should simply go to jail. Well, the jails are crowded and many of these criminals aren't in jail. I thought the vigilantes were good for Cebu. I hope they are still there.

I've heard so much bad news from home lately. The price of rice is skyrocketing, people were running away from debt, people died. It's good to hear that one robber died and a bank robbery was foiled. 'Nya manulis pa mo!

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