Apr 8, 2008


Lola - is such a 'sexy' name. That's the girl in Copacobana. Or Denise Richards' daughter. Or that platinum blonde that looks a lot like Angelina Jolie I saw on TV earlier today.

The song goes:

Her name was Lola
She was a showgirl...

Lola in the Philippines means 'grandma'. That song sounds funny to me. I can never imagine a grandmother as a showgirl. It just doesn't work. Why would anyone name their daughter Lola? Because they're not Filipino, that's why.


babyjet said...

That's funny!! :)

Depende pud Oon unsaon pag pronounce sa "Lola"

Kung sa Ingles kay "Low-lah" Sosyal!!

Sa Bisaya kay "Lu-la" Hay ka gahi!hehe

greg said...

For one thing the languages are different. :P

When I went to Bangkok my travelguide's name was Supot. We called him Mr. Supot.

Did you know that the Philippines was supposed to be renamed as Maharlika at a time?

But maharlika actually meant genital in some other country.

It's a big world out there :p

My .02


xxxNinaxxx said...

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