Apr 15, 2008

Dat Amazing Man

I'm very sad to let you all know that Grandpa Chinen passed away on Saturday.

I will forever miss Grandpa.

"Amazing, dat woman." That's what he said about Grandma. I can tell he really missed her. I'm happy that they're together now.

Grandpa was our casino buddy. After 6 hours of nonstop keno in Las Vegas, he didn't really want to leave. Time flies fast when you're playing keno, he said.

He was my fellow warm-weather person. We were the first ones notice if a place was too cold. Embarrassingly, I was usually the first one to complain. He quietly asks for a blanket or wait until we offer him one. The first time I met him, I was wearing a skirt with uggs and his first words to me were, "Aren't you cold?"

It was uncharacteristically hot the day Grandpa passed away. God made it warm for him when he was on his way to heaven.


the_cookie_maudester said...

Aww. That was a nice one. Condolences to you and Darren. I wonder how Joen will talk about me when we get old. =)

HappyHeart said...

Condolence Oonz, now I miss my Lolo..