Apr 1, 2008


Over the weekend, we were talking about the difference between shade and shadow. Both words are essentially the same physical phenomena. Shade is used when it has a purpose. Otherwise, it's shadow.

How did that come about? In Brazil, they have one word for shade and shadow. Much more efficient, yeah? Because of this, my Brazilian sister-in-law(who happens to be very sharp) has to constantly keep the shade and shadow rule in mind.

About four years ago, I took D out to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete. It rained that morning so the slopes were muddy and slippery. Of course, having lived all my life in Cebu, I never even thought that D need hiking boots. You see, hiking boots is "such an American concept" to us. Everyone living in Alambijud(this faraway barangay where my parents live) hike up and down muddy slopes all the time in rubber flipflops or barefoot.

So D had a pretty hard time going up the slope. His flipflops kept sliding off his feet. So I said, "Grasp your flipflops firmly with your footfingers."

D started laughing really hard. Footfingers? Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh! My English teacher mom will surely die of shame!

See, in Bisaya, there is only one word for fingers AND toes.

PS: There is only one word for thumb and big toe - 'kumalagko'.

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dr tes said...

hahahahaha! gipa-gamit ta to nimo ug Spartan para kupot jud!