Mar 31, 2008

Filipina in the US: Electric Toothbrush

The first time I laid eyes on an electric toothbrush, I knew I had to try it out. The brush head was small and the literature was really convincing. Wait, in case you didn't know: my hubby thinks I'm the ultimate marketing sucker. And he's not completely wrong on that point.

Back in the old times (around late 80's to early 90's) in the Philippines, me and my siblings had manual regular toothbrushes. The first time I bought my own toothbrush, Nang Mina, the sari-sari store owner, pulled it out of an old-fashioned cookie jar and it cost Php7. It was yellow with shiny nylon bristles.

After a few months of use, the toothbrush's bristles eventually get frayed. The toothbrush is then relegated to clean something else: the sink, flipflops or someone's nails. The toothbrush remains in commission until it is completely useless - when it can no longer clean dirty muddy rubber flipflops. Then a smart and talented fisherman can carve the plastic part and fashion a tool for mending fishnets(not stockings - actual nets used for fishing). (see picture)

Imagine the possibilities that came to mind when I first saw an electric toothbrush at the store! I had to have one.

So I did. It was one of those powerful but energy saving ones. It had thousands of pulsations and oscillations that promise to dislodge plaque and food bits. My marketing sucker self was sold!

There was one drawback: the powerful oscillations and pulsations jangle my eyeballs in their eyesockets. It was a big enough drawback that had me stop using my electric toothbrush. But it was too nice(and expensive) to use to clean my sink, dirty flipflops or toenails. So I stashed it away, saving it for the day when my eyeballs got better suspension in my eyesockets.

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notsovictor said...

or, like a manual toothbrush, it could be relegated to clean something. something expensive though , like branded shoes or bags :)) and then when it can no longer clean, have a someone use it as a spare part for a yacht's engine.

just a thought :)