Jan 15, 2008


Are you a Rugby fan? I mean of the sport, not the adhesive. If you want the latest news, videos, schedules, and stats of your favorite team on the 6 nations tournament go to rbsnations.com.

Don't miss a rugby game between your favorite european nations. The website is in English, French and Italian. Use the translated site if you're learning a new language. That's a great way to learn new words. Or to just get a "feel" of the written language.

The site also offers interactive games and podcasts. For the die-hard fans, there is a great fan section where you can get Wallpapers, read about Team RBS or look up your favorite players. You can also sign up for the RSS feed to get the latest updates.

The photo gallery has some great action shots of highlights of the recent games. Check out this oldie but goodie highlight shot of the England vs Wales game in Feb 2006.

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