Jan 13, 2008


Here's another alternative to google and yahoo text ads: adknowledge bidvertiser. I think it might be the same form of PPC advertising only this claims it is up to 30% cheaper than the big guys. Might be worth a little more than a look.

It looks like the sign up process is easy enough and listings can be built in minutes. They have over 1200 targeted categories, so if you have your target audience all figured out, making the listing would be a breeze. According to their site, you can "reach only the most interested consumer with their behaviorally targeting technology". Sounds good to me.

Businesses pay on a cost per click basis, so it really helps that they offer protection against clickfraud. They have this Click Scoring technology in conjunction with noclickfraud.org which protects the advertisers from click fraud. And if you sign up now, you get $50 of free clicks for free!

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