Jan 16, 2008

Renaldo Lapuz - American Idol

Sure enough, two minutes later, it was available in youtube.

I wanna audition because this is a privilege, to sing to the whole world that its.
If I were American idol, I would give hope those who are in despairs to be tough, to be strength...


This guy in a white suit and cape auditioned for American Idol. Right now. I am looking at him. number 20547. Holy smokes. I hope he's not the from homeland. He's being funny.

Everyone everywhere as long as there is print media, television, radio speaks the name of Simon.

I feel so bad for him.

The name is Renaldo Lapuz from Reno, Nevada. He sings pretty good, but holy smokes he's making a joke out of himself with that outfit.

We're brothers til the end of time. Together or not you're always in my heart....I am your brother, your bestfriend forever!!!

Holy smokes he's getting serious airtime. Everyone is singing with him now. Paula is dancing. OMG!! He's wearing white boots.

The title, we're brothers forever.

It's a no for Simon. Renaldo didn't make it.

Simon you're a great person, he said.

I gotta say: He has lots of guts.


Dinky said...

Wasn't able to watch him, but from what my officemates said, he was hilarious! I'll definitely be watching him on YouTube.

pulangbanca said...

hi Dinky, the youtube video is embedded on this post. enjoy!