Jan 17, 2008

Learn Bisaya/Cebuana

Finally, after years of thinking about it and weeks to figure out stuff like getting my own domain, figuring out drupal and actually creating content, my site is up!

So you want to learn Bisaya or Cebuano? I made a Bisaya Phrasebook section in my webite: www.mycebuana.com. It is phrases that I think a non native speaker would be happy to know as a starting point.

Here is a sampler:

Where is the bathroom? - Asa ang CR?

I'm hungry. - Gigutom ko.

Let's eat. - Mangaon ta.

Thank you. - Salamat.

What is your name? - Unsa imong ngalan?

How old are you? - Pila imong edad?

Check out the rest at my site. Enjoy!

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