Jan 7, 2008


In the Filipino culture, the older members of the family seldom live on their own. Most often, one of the kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids take care of the older members of the family who can't take care of themselves.

Here in the United States, families have different dynamics. A greater number of the older members of the family go to nursing homes, or live alone and have caregivers. One of my husbands' cousins invited us to the housewarming at their new house in the senior community, which she calls 'menopause meadows'.

For some people like traditional Filipino families, it is inconceivable to send an older family member to a care home or to live alone and have a caregiver come over. A lot of it is the fear of the unknown. When we're not well-informed about something, we aren't comfortable with it.

There is a website that is very helpful for people who need information on senior care. This is important for selecting the right care home or care arrangement. I like the discussion section where you can post your questions and opinions on anything regarding care. It is a gold mine of information.

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