Jan 11, 2008

Construction Work

One of my husband's Danish cousins is a very beautiful girl who is also a carpenter. Yes, a carpenter. Hard to believe such a beautiful girl is in the construction business.

In the United Kingdom, one of the partners for sector skills council for construction is called CSkills. It dedicated to help workers in the contruction industry by providing them vital information for their trade.

One of the most important aspects of the job is health and safety. When you're working with heavy equipment, powerful building tools, you really can't be too careful. CSkills has a great section to help workers prepare for the health and safety test.

The website also has helpful information on how to get certified for the construction industry. It has a section on how to find the courses you might need as well as the locations of the training centers for CSkills.

The website also has a section for recent news on the construction industry. With more than 2 million people in construction in UK, and hiring more and more people everyday, this website is definitely worth a visit.

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