Jan 3, 2008

Boy's Bedding for JellyBean

One of my favorite things is crawling into fresh sheets after a nice warm bath. Even if they weren't high thread count sheets as long as they're fresh. It's one of those luxuries I shamelessly enjoy.

I also like really pretty coordinating sheets. And since I'm determined to be the coolest mom possible, I'm already looking at possible Boys Bedding that JellyBean would like when he's past the cute little pastel disney characters phase. JellyBean's room was supposed to be that of a little sailors' but for some reason we ended up with a lot of Winnie the Pooh stuff which is really cute all the same.

Maybe he'll like some Hawaiian- or safari-themed sheets. Maybe even something with Palm trees or a surfer, if he turns out like his mommy who looooves the beach! Whatever he ends up liking, I'll support it(as long as it's reasonable) like the cool mommy I want to be.


Susan said...

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