Jan 3, 2008

Chocolate Rain

It is raining really hard right now. And it's super cold!

As a child I used to run around in the rain. "Maligo sa ulan" - shower in the rain. It is so much fun! We can have mud fights and it wouldn't matter if we got dirty - we were showering in the rain anyway.

Have you ever went swimming in the ocean while it's raining? I have. Many many times. In the Philippines, the seawater is warmer than the rain(I don't know how it is in other places). It is a beautiful thing to experience especially if there was no wind. When the sea is perfectly calm and still.

Here in the Bay Area, winter rains are especially cold. In this case, this Filipina's favorite thing to do when it rains in the winter is to bundle up, grab a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate and curl up on the couch watching TV.

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