Jun 16, 2007


I found this on Darlene's blog and think it's pretty cool, so here's mine.

1.Have you dated someone older than you?
~Yes. Everyone I've ever dated is older than me.

2.Unforgettable high school memory?

~ Seeing my name on the bulletin board. It was when I qualified for one of the best scholarships in the country.

3. Ever hated someone so bad?
~ No. Had extreme dislike for certain people, yes.

4.Have you ever failed a subject at school?
~Yes. Dropped out of voice lessons at CPMP. Sorry, Coach Chardie.

5.When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?
~Few minutes ago.

6.What's the last thing you purchased?

7.Longest phone conversation?
~4 hours.

8.Ever put lemon in your hair?
~ lemonsito juice! I heard it makes hair squeaky clean. squeak it did!

9.Stolen anything?
~hearts. Ha!

10.Had a crush on your neighbor?

11.Lost a friend?

12.Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?

13.Felt an earthquake?

14.Touched a snake?
~ Do snakeskin shoes count? Just kidding. Yes, I have touched a snake.

15.Gotten in a car accident?
~TWICE! Of course, neither was my fault. I happen to be a very good driver.

16.Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
~Never got the chance.

17.Used a fake id?

18.Been lost?
~A lot! Even with Nav in the car.

19.Kissed in the rain?
~Hala oi, makahilak kog popcorn! Usa ka lanog nga O, uy! nahagkan na ko sa ulan. Sa akong bana, niadtong uyab pa mi ug nanghangyo siya nga magminyo na mi! Ulan, Dugdug ug kilat jud.

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