Jun 15, 2007

The Reality

Reality shows are all over TV. There's a reality show on everything! Newlyweds, Survivor, the Biggest Loser, the Bachelor and ten million others. Pretty soon, everyone will be in a reality show.

It is interesting to see British judges on American reality shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and America's Next Top Model. What's more interesting is how judges get away with insulting the contestants. There are reality show judges who never seem to have anything nice to say to anyone. Does the name Simon Cowell ring a bell?

Another interesting thing is that judges often come in three's and there is always a lady judge who does not seem to make sense. Paula Abdul, Carrie Ann Inaba and that lady in America's Got Talent (who has the most irritating cackle) are some good examples.

I complain, but I watch them anyway. I can't wait for Prison Break to return, and I wish they have more episodes of Man vs Wild. I need some good TV mintras namalantsa.

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