Jun 15, 2007

In touch, yet so far

My old college buddy Agnes sent us an email that she is in the Philippines (she lives in Australia now) and would like to see us again over the weekend. Too bad I can't be there. Most of our other classmates are there and the happily cc'd everyone on where to meet. I miss them all. Even though whenever we get together, our conversations invariably involve the quirkiness of our college professors. Hey, we were Physics majors, we're bound to have some really interesting professors.

I like staying in touch with them. Even though a lot of my college buddies are scattered all over the world. The internet is great for keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones. And in my case, most of the people who matter to me are in the Philippines. We really try to keep in touch. We make appointments to be online at the same time so we can IM. The time difference can be a pain to deal with.

And for the times when we can't be online at the same time, there are emails, blogs and friendster. The problem with friendster is that I end up even more homesick. I look up people from my grade school, my highschool, my neighbors, distant relatives and before I knew it, I have a network of more than 300 friends! Then I see their pictures and I end up wishing I was there, enjoying with them. I get sad when I see the birthday parties, weddings, beach outings and graduations that I missed. I get sad when they can't be here for my birthday and Parker's birth.

I love my life here, too. I love my family and friends here. I'm very blessed -- I have good people around me. My problem is that I wish my family and friends here could be in the same place as my family and friends in the Philippines. And it is logistically impossible. I guess I'm just lucky that I'll have family and friends in my two homes.

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