Jun 19, 2007

Another Disaster

Unless I really know what I'm doing or following a recipe to a T, my cooking skills are Shakespearean. It's probably gonna end up a tragedy.

Yesterday I was craving for some yema balls so I decided to make some.

I've made yema balls before -- the cheap and lazy way. Just heat condensed milk in a lightly oiled pan, and stir constantly until most of the liquid evaporates. To test, drop some in cold water and it should form a ball when its done. Sounds easy enough.

This time, I decided to make yema balls the 'advanced' way -- with egg yolks. I remember someone telling me that this method calls for 6 egg yolks for half a can of condensed milk. And that's my problem.

I had exactly 7 eggs in the fridge. One of them was bad, and I accidentally lost another yolk when it broke while I was trying to separate it from the egg white. I only had 5 egg yolks, and they weren't the same size. They were probably from different breeds of chicken. I'm not sure.

So with 5 egg yolks at hand, I then decided to use half of a BIG can of milk. I kept stirring the mixture and not long after, it was pretty lumpy. It smelled really good, though. When most of the liquid has evaporated, I tested it and it formed a ball in cold water. This is good, I thought.

Long story short, it tasted pretty good, but it made me sick. So I ended up dumping everything. At least I have that remaining half a can of milk to make another batch - the simple way.

Yup, it was a disaster. And I have some famous last words for the whole experience: I should have googled it.

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