May 28, 2007

Philippine Entertainment Poortal

Okay, I'm a sucker for news - any news - from the Philippines. I frequent ABS-CBN News, GMA News and SunStar Cebu. I even remind my sister to update me on the latest news - ahem, chismis - from our neighborhood in Argao. Even if I'm not there, I know who's dating who, who's getting married, broke up, died, dropped out of school, got arrested, won the lottery. I know most of the stories from my neighborhood.

So I did say I stopped TiVoing TV Patrol. I did. But now I find myself catching it live on TV anyway. It's like a stupid song that you hate to hear but end up memorizing it for some reason. Like JR's 'Bakit Pa Ba' song. I can't stand that song. TV Patrol is generally okay. Sometimes, it just gets really annoying. Like giving politician's stupid antics too much coverage. Do you really want the rest of the world to see how stupid and childish our country's leaders can be?

Entertainment news from GMA have links to the Philippine Entertainment Portal. It's pretty entertaining, but contains lots of 'filler' stories. Seriously. Take this headline, for example. Can it get any lamer than that? Can they please make up some better headline? I mean people all over the world can read this stuff! Make your country proud naman! I'm sure you guys can do better.

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