May 27, 2007


Milk. Gatas. Leche.

I never thought the day would come when I would be concerned about making milk. And it is quite an experience. After days of waiting and pumping to get the milk production started, it finally did! All 12 drops of it on the third day. All 12 drops sticking miserably to the bottom of both collection bottles.

That same day, a lactation consultant taught Parker to latch on to me and feed. Luckily, he has good sucking reflex. He's pretty advanced for a preemie of his gestation age. First, he didn't need assistance breathing, he has the sucking reflex, and although skinny, he weighs really good.

The next day, I proudly presented Parker's nurse with 5mL of breastmilk. Woohoo! That was quite a feat if you ask me. Then my milk started coming in. With a heavy soreness I have never felt before. Holy smokes! No wonder cows moo!!!

It's important to pump milk every two hours, with a five-hour break for sleeping at night. It is pretty demanding. And a nurse told me to drink plenty of liquids so I drank two bottles of water every time I pumped. But there was never enough milk for Parker's needs so he is given formula to compensate.

Parker's home now. And his Daddy is doing a great job of helping me feed and change his diapers. Darren and I are both sleep-deprived and tired. And totally happy.

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