May 28, 2007

Judith McNaught

Did I say I love books?

After reading all of Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel, John Grisham's and Sidney Sheldon's (I was sooo sad when I heard he died earlier this year) books, I need a new favorite author. I've read the Shopaholic series, some Mario Puzo, Khaled Hoseini, Dan Brown, even Raymond Khoury. I like Og Mandino and Paulo Coelho, too. And now I'm running out of good things to read. And I'm staying at home. I'm really scared of being bored.

Most of my friends who like to read like Judith McNaught. Laedevee, especially. So I got a Judith McNaught. What could be more perfect to start with than a book called 'Perfect'? It's a really good book. I don't like romance novels as much, though.

Read any good books lately? Please leave a message in the message box.

Tonight, it's off to book heaven for me. I hope to find a good book. Wish me luck!

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