Mar 1, 2007

Weekend Plans

In one word: busted.

I wanted to go on a 'babymoon' this weekend. It's like a honeymoon while my belly is still fairly portable, and the baby is not here yet. Also, it's gonna be the one free weekend we have after a long time, and for a long time. Blame it on volleyball.

My idea was to go to somewhere warm. We were gonna try to take this Friday and Monday off so we'd have enough time to go to Hawaii. Or Vegas. Or anywhere warm on the beach. With a nice book, a cooler of water and lots of fruits, lots of sunscreen and a bikini. I researched flights, activities, and have started to plan what to pack.

Not happening. Blame it on volleyball. They HAVE to have practice this weekend in preparation for their all-important tournament in Spokane. So there. No Vegas or Hawaii. Maybe we'll go to Napa, but I'm not into wine-tasting or walking around in the cold. My heart was really set on going to somewhere warm, dig out my summer clothes from storage and see some sun in temperatures more than 60 degrees.

My original idea was to go back to the Philippines for a week or two. Yup, homesick as homesick can ever be. And when I want something I work really hard for it. I did all my research: How much it will cost, which flights to book, itinerary, who to see and call, what paperwork to take with me. Not happening. Okay, then. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

It sucks. Sometimes you just can have it all.

On the positive side, I got my permanent residency approved. At least one nice thing is happening.

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