Mar 15, 2007

Denver, Death and Pho

That's exactly what the past week was.

I spent the weekend in Denver, CO. My husband's team had a tournament there. Their toughest tournament yet. They did really well, although they did not get a bid to Junior Olympics. They took the Bronze, though.

We did not get to see much of Denver aside from the hotel and the convention center. Being at an elevation of a mile, I pretty much just nursed a headache the whole time. Not my idea of a weekend away. Not bad, though. I still had fun.

I got news that my friend's dad died, and though we weren't really that close, I still felt really bad for her. And then the first email I saw when I went back to work on Monday was that my officemate Kerry's mom died on Monday. It is really tough on him, and I hope he's gonna be okay.

So there, I was feeling down all week. Its hard to deal with death, hard to see you friends dealing with death.

One good thing I had this week was a big giant bowl of steaming pho. Nothing like warm soup to warm your soul.

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