Mar 19, 2007


Today, I got phlebotomized again.

I'm not sure if this was worse than the previous one. Last time, they took six vials of blood in one draw. This time, they took four half-vials at one-hour intervals. Either way, it was scary.

Their door says 'We Love Blood'. Patients are totally forewarned. Sometimes, babies or kids can be heard screaming in the background. If was there not getting blood drawn, it was an okay place. But because I was there to have blood drawn, it looked pretty darn ominous to me.

Generally, it was okay. The doctors were really good. It didn't really hurt much. They used butterfly needles, too. No, I didn't see any of it. Not crying or panicking so much was accomplishment enough for me.

So there I was bright and early today. After a 12 hour fast and an initial blood sample taken, I got a serving of the icky-looking orange solution. Then they took blood samples every hour after that. The wait was worse than the actual needle-prick pain.

Once we're done, we headed straight to the Filipino restaurant for some serious adobo and rice and a big soda. I thought, it wasn't that bad at all. I could get used to this. Preferably not. But right now, it's everything for JellyBean.

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