Mar 27, 2007

Swimming in a Quiz Bowl

Quiz bowls are a big thing in the Philippines. At least to me and my peers it was. In fact, I met one of my bestEST friends at a quiz bowl.

One of my fondest recollections of a quiz bowl was one where I wasn't competing. There was a big one at the bottom floor of Ayala Center - Cebu. It was a statistics quiz.

So the whole thing went. There was some argument over how many significant figures should be accepted, and whether grade school kids should be concerned about significant figures or not.

So then it finally ended. At the end, the host(in Bisdak accent) said:

In every competition, there is a winner. And there are losers. To the winner, congratulations and keep up the good work.

If today you are a loser, it's okay. Go home, study hard, and maybe next competition, you can be a winner.

True to form, Darren blurted out, "Did she just call all those other kids 'losers'?"

And laughed so hard, he tears in his eyes. While all the other spectators gave him weird looks.

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