Mar 26, 2007

Broken Promises

Da! Mura'g love story ang title!!!

Actually, it's not anything related to love. It's about my broken car, the body shop and the insurance company. It has been about 7 weeks since the accident. Since then, my car has been 'almost ready' for 4 weeks. Yup. 'Almost ready' for a month.

The body shop said the initial estimate is 33 hours of labor. So let's say a week or so for the ordered parts to get there. And 33 hours of labor is about 4 days and 1 hour on an 8-hour workday. Man! If a woman is told she's gonna go through 33 hours of labor and then it stretches to more than one month, that's gonna be one upset woman!

So I have been waiting. The car is 'ready', but wait, there were some parts that didnt arrive yet. They were waiting for that. More waiting.

The week before my trip to Denver, the car was 'ready', except for a sensor. It should be ready on 'Thursday'. Like all broken promises, my car wasn't ready on Thursday. The sensor had to be 'back-ordered' and it was gonna take 6 days.

Forward to next Thursday. The car is ready. But wait, the paperwork on it is not done. I call the insurance company. I get voicemail. I call the insurance company again. Voicemail. Does this insurance person ever pick up the phone? Maybe one out of the thirty or so times I have called. Finally, I just talked to her manager.

The paperwork is not done because the supplementary report is 17 pages long. WHAT? What could have been in those 17 pages that would take forever to decode? Maybe I shouldn't say that because I am not 'property damage estimator', but heck, it shouldn't take more than three days??? I don't know.

So finally, I did all the calling. Called the body shop. Called the insurance. Got them to talk about releasing the car. It's been in the shop for 7 weeks, and I won't be happy waiting for the '2-week on average' it takes for the property damage estimator to figure out 17 pages of report. I want my car back! I'm paying for insurance, the insurance is paying the body shop, and somebody hopefully figure out that 17-page report before this pregnant lady goes ballistic!

And that's pretty much what I told them. And hopefully, unlike all the promises I have heard in the past month and a half, I will get my car back tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is not "always a day away" because my heartburn would not go well with any more broken promises.

There. Felt good to rant. My blog, my soapbox. Stepping off my podium now. Please address violent reactions to the vice-supreme overlord, Kerry Keropi.

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