Mar 26, 2007

Gucci, Gucci, Ya, Ya, Da, Da

I owned a gucci purse for about 36 hours. Here's how it happened:
Friday night - I was bored. And not in the best of moods. I was in Santana Row, waiting for my girl friends. We were having dinner at 7:30.
It was 8:00 pm. So far, only two have shown up. And no one made reservations. And a table for 8 was gonna take an hour's wait.
I asked one of my girlfriends to go shopping with me. Then out of the blue, I decided to buy a Gucci purse. It cost a lot.
I was happy for a while. The following evening, my husband asked me to show his big brother my new purse. It's kind of an inside joke in the family. (we were gonna get him a gucci keychain over Christmas as a gag gift, but that turned out to be too expensive of a gag). Unfortunately, Darren's best friend and cousin were also there, and them being guys, had no problems expressing how they don't understand why a purse could cost what it did. In a guy way.
That night, I was thinking about it really hard. Do I want a nice purse? Of course, I do! But do I want a purse that costs as much as a roundtrip ticket to the Philippines? Well.... If you put it that way, of course, I'd prefer the trip. Do I want a nice purse that cost as much as what it takes to feed a Filipino family for months? Shoot! I really don't know now.
And well, I do have A nice purse. Not as high up there in the brand ladder, but definitely nice. And do I really want to spend all that money on a purse? Darn it, Conscience, it's just a purse. I should be able to buy one and enjoy it and not feel guilty.
So there. Guilt got the better of me. Early on Sunday, my Gucci purse(I just want to say 'my' for a second) went back to Santana Row. Bittersweet. Bye, my ex-gucci purse. It was nice owning you for a day and a half.
And now back to reality.

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