Mar 26, 2007

I forgot!

I have always been kind of forgetful. My grandma would call it, "kalimtanon", while my sister would plainly put it as "tanga". But I was never as bad as I have been in the past couple of weeks.

About two weeks ago, I was home alone while my hubby was off at volleyball practice. I decided to get myself some Filipino food. So I got dressed, planned my route and locked the door. But I didn't have my keys with me. And we didn't keep a spare outside the house. So I sat there for three hours, draining my cellphone battery playing the games on my phone until my hubby came home.

I was totally upset. And then, I noticed my hubby's nice watch. And I remember thinking, I should wear mine, too. They were matching watches, and it always made me feel proud. Except that this time, I could not find my watch. So I was even more upset that night.

Aside from that, I've forgotten my cellphone, wallet, purse, locked the car keys in the car, forgot to rinse conditioner off my hair and forgot to turn off the heater before I left the house. And my latest incident was this weekend.

I had a glass of juice early saturday morning. I was watching TV, and a little bit later, I decided to have another glass of juice. But I could not find the carton. I looked in the fridge, the freezer, garbage can, the bedroom, the bathroom, anywhere I might have left it. I was completely baffled. Where could it have gone?

A couple of hours later, I found it! It was in the cupboard. Doh!

I don't trust myself right now. I hope to regain brain function soon.

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