Mar 28, 2007

Park Like an Idiot Day

My officemate Keith walked in saying, "Today is Park-Like-An-Idiot Day."

One lady parked her car, saw that that right-side wheels were on the marker line, shrugged and walked away. The spot next to her was then only enough for a tiny car or a motorbike.

Oh, I got my car back, by the way. :D It's basically perfect. No more scratches, dings, and whatever and most importantly, it runs like heaven. Smooth na smooth talaga. hhehehe. And with this car, I am a lot more careful about parking. I don't like parking next to cars with doors that swing really wide to avoid getting dinged. I don't even mind parking on the 4th floor of the garage just so there would be two empty spots on both sides of my car.

And now back to Park-Like-An-Idiot Day. Maybe because Keith mentioned it, I noticed that there are indeed quite a number of people that do not do a good parking job. Some people don't remember basic lessons we learn when we were little: stay within the lines.

And then there are the giant truck/suv's/hummers parked in the spots for compact vehicles. Either they don't know how to read, don't speak English, or some evil person told them that Compact stands for "park your gargantuan vehicle here."

Looking out the parking lot, I realize that most people do know how to park. It's just that those who park about 30 degrees askew would just grab one's attention. Just sticks out like a sore thumb.

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