Jan 25, 2007

My Beef with Broccoli(and GL Veggies)

The problem with broccoli, and green leafy vegetables of any kind is that they don't taste like chocolate. At all. Not even remotely. Why does something that is supposedly really good for you taste so not good? Why doesn't nature make them more palatable?

Yesterday was my date with the doctor, and she doesn't think I'm doing as well as expected. She ordered a cardiogram, and blood sugar analysis for me. AND I'm supposed to eat more green stuff. Preferably the green leafy stuff. The darker the better. And no, green M&M's and Pringles from the green can don't count. Did I mention I have an aversion to green food?

I was literally sentenced to eat green leafy food. Well, I'm supposed to eat meat, dairy and fruits, too, which is fine with me. I just don't like vegetables. Especially green ones. And now, I have to eat them to ensure the JellyBean turns out healthy.

Why, oh why, does green food have to taste so green? Nganoooooooo??????

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