Jan 26, 2007

Mii got a Wii!!!!

And I didnt have to camp outside of stores over the weekend!

Our friend, Mark helped me get one. I knew I wanted one, but I didnt know how much I enjoy actually owning one. Everything about it is just fun. Well, as of the four hours I have been using it, no complaints so far.

Even setting it up is fun! It was easy to set up, and I loved making a Mii character, called MommyBean, a name made up by Maude. Of course, there was a Daringoy Mii and a JellyBean Mii. No, they don't completely look like us.

Okay, I thought I was gonna love tennis the best. I did. And then I tried boxing. Looooooove it! All the years of experience fighting with my brother Carlo came in handy. Hahaa...Sorry Dang, girls are good fighters, too. You were exceptionally good, in my unqualified opinion.Girls just fight different.

So I was up really late last night. Four hours of setup and game time started at 11pm. It certainly is one of those really addicting things. My roommate Girlie and I used to stay up all night playing Diablo. My siblings and I blew up a couple of TV's playing the old Nintendo system. I would say my gameboy has been the most durable of all my computer games. I have not broken it yet.

After all that late night excitement, I had about 6 hours of sleep before seeing the phlebotomist. And that would be another story.

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sajjad said...

its a loooooooooooooooooooooong time