Jan 22, 2007

Nice Phone Thief

A phone thief returned a cellphone and money he stole from a woman after she sent him touching text messages. click here to read about it

Last time I was in Cebu, I accidentally dropped my cellphone. The person who found it would not have returned it if I didnt promise a reward. Her excuse was, "Pobre man jud ko uyamot maong natintal jud ko." As if being poor is a good enough excuse to be dishonest.

That was not the only thing that I lost on my last trip. Someone stole my camera while I was buying them dinner! How low can you go? Feed thirty kids at the best restaurant in town and all I got was my camera stolen. Talk about injustice! And no one would talk, because they know what the consequences of stealing from me would probably be.

There are so many bad people in the world. Sometimes, I wish I could segregate them and then just get rid of all the bad people.

Well, at least this one thief in China has a conscience.

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