Jan 31, 2007

Cute Turtle

Saw this pic on the BBC site today. Sooo cute.

The caption read: An Indian star turtle rolls on its back - part of a group of 1,000 confiscated by customs officers after a routine inspection in southern Thailand.

It looks like the little thing is saying: Wheeee!!!!! There's a camera! Someone's taking my picture!(strikes a pose)

Reminds me of a Rex Navarrete joke: Wer's da camera? I'm on TV? Hi to my neighbors, Inay at Itay!!!! Mga kapatid ko rin. Mga kaberks! Kumusta! Andito ako sa TV! Ay, that's my house destroyed by the flood right there! Wow! My house is on TV!

That's courage(to face the camera with no makeup) in the face of adversity. With a smile, of course.

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Ellie said...

turtles are sooo cute!