Jan 29, 2007

Coffee's OK!

Study says coffee okay for pregnant women.


I've been drinking decaf since I got pregnant. With lots of milk, of course. The lactose-free kind. Still, I miss the caffeine kick I was so used to. My CannonCreek and Cevor days started with coffee. There is nothing like a mug of steaming coffee in a cold office in the morning.

Speaking of coffee, I am among the few who have what Darren coined as the 'Nescafe' syndrome. The 'Nescafe' syndrome was coined when he bought one of his close Filipino friends some really good coffee, and she gently told him that she likes instant Nescafe better.

Me, too! Although I would not object to a mocha at Starbucks, I like instant coffee better than what most people would call 'real coffee'. Call me and my kind tasteless, but instant coffee just taste better to us. Period.

One of my neighbors from the Philippines would always request instant coffee from the US. There's nothing like stateside coffee, according to her. What she did not know was that the coffee I got her from Costco said 'made in the Philippines'. Bahala na basta gikan sa America.

Aw, back to the point of the story: I'm so excited to open my spare can of Nescafe tonight! Whoooohooo!!!!!

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