Sep 11, 2006

Whether the Weather Be Nice...

Most of my luggage coming over was books. Lots of 'em. Darren warned me that I might find it colder here. So I decided to fully arm myself with my trusted denim jacket. I have thoroughly googled everything there I could know about moving here. Or so I thought. I was thinking April should not be THAT cold! Just my luck, it was probably one of the coldest Aprils to hit the Bay Area. Good thing, Mom lent me a nice warm coat when they picked us up at SFO.

And the weather got warmer as the days went on. Every morning, I'd wait for the weather report, and convert the temperature forecast to Celsius. Good Math exercise to start the day(yes, I can be geeky). I used to get annoyed at my old officemate in Cebu because she would turn the airconditioner down to 22C, then wear a freakin' coat! I would be steaming mad, and freezing at the same time. So anything around or below 72F warranted a sweater.

Naturally, I didn't own any winter clothes. And unfortunately, we could not locate winter clothing in the middle of April. We found an unflattering pink and orange thing at Old Navy, and that was all I had to ward off the freezing(to me) temperature here.

Me freezing went on until about the middle of summer, when temperatures would hover around 90F, and there would be some humidity in the air. While I thought the weather was perfect, everyone around me was complaining that it was hot.

Of course, I started wearing winter clothes around the middle of fall. In the winter, my uggs were my best friend. I could not go anywhere without that. I never understood the need of scarves and gloves until then.

Then Darren gave me a surprise vacation in March. It was freezing when I left SFO, and they pretty much keep the plane at refrigerator temperatures. As soon as I got off the plane in Manila, and even if that was around 5am, before the sun was up, it was so warm and humid, I was sweating like a pig in no time. I changed into my emergency camisole, and got adjusted in no time!

After having a blast in Cebu, it was time to get back here. This time, the adjustment was not as hard. I thought it was cold, but a heatwave came, which started out as nicely warm but quickly turned into annoyingly hot. Now, fall is about to come, and I'm not so scared of cold weather anymore. This time, I'm armed against the cold. I have a personal space heater at work, another one at home, quite a number of warm coats, scarves, gloves, thermal clothes. It also helps that I'm looking forward to snowboarding again. And when it gets miserably cold, there's always my uggs, hot chocolate and of course, Darren, the best thing to be with, whether the weather's nice or not.

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