Sep 14, 2006

Homeward Bound

Bittersweet. To be home again, but to a home that is not the same.

So I'm gonna be home. Home! Something I have been longing for everyday. To be with family and friends again. To have rice with every meal and not wonder if the people at the dinner table are tired of rice yet. I miss the beach, the springs, the waterfalls, the neighbors. I have been homesick for so long.

Homeward bound, but I'm not really that happy. The doctor does not have the brightest outlook on my grandfather's health. Having been raised by Papa, I am definitely not happy with the news. Papa has always been there. Even when I was away, and not call home for weeks on end, I know he's there to run home to. And simply thinking of losing that comfort is really hard. And even though he's a tough disciplinarian, and really scary when he gets mad, I have always been really close to him. I happen to be his favorite!

So here I am, getting ready to leave in a couple of days. I think of all the things I would miss in the next few weeks. Aside from new friends and family, not much, really. I wish I could stick them all in my suitcase and move them all to Cebu! I guess that shows that little by little, my home here is starting to take shape. There are people that I will miss!

Almost ready. Suitcases are ready, summer clothes ready(yeah, its a perennial summer over there), picking up tickets tomorrow, and definitely working on getting cussing out of my system. Recently, I have been swearing like a salty pirate, and that is definitely not acceptable in my house in Argao.

Home in about 62 hours, and almost ready.

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