Sep 15, 2006

Pack that!

Taking a short blog break from packing things... It's been two hours since I started deciding what to bring, and start packing. And despite having clothes that take up and average of 12 cubic inches when folded, I was never a 'travel light' person. Blame it on the girl scout training: always be prepared.

My preparation includes many day's worth of clothes, three kinds of shoes(walking, dressy, and flipflops), toiletries, a whole lot of what-if-I'd-need-this-and-can't-find-it-anywhere stuff, and of course the latest addition: stuff that I can't handcarry anymore. My husband's things on the other hand, takes up a grand total of about a quarter of his suitcase. My stuff takes up the rest of that space. And all of my suitcase, too.

So Darren provides the manly man service of lugging them around, in exchange for me packing things in order, according to color, and perfectly folded. Not a bad deal.

Okay, break's over. Getting ready to go and pack this and pack that. Hehe... If you've seen Rex Navarette, you'd think that's funny.

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