Sep 27, 2006

this and that

Things are not that well. I took my granda to the city yesterday to see his doctor. It sucks. Not his regular doctor, but some other doctor to see the regular doctor's patients while she's in the States. Sucks, big time. After driving for two hours in the rain, and waiting for half an hour, all the doctor did was take my grandpa's blood pressure poke him here and there and said that he's kinda okay but she's not sure. And that he should see the doctor again on Monday.

I am so pissed because it looks like he could have done without that particular visit. It costs a lot of money, and travelling is so taxing for him. It's so frustrating. And when i asked questions, the best she could give me is that she doesnt really know because my granda is not her regular patient. It is possible that I am not fair, because I seem to be the only one annoyed about it. I don't believe in wasting time and stressing Papa out for a doctor visit that was completely fruitless.

I knew this was not gonna be the best of homecomings. It is positively dreadful. I lost my cellphone. I tried to call it many times, but it looks like whoever found it turned it off. I sent text messages promising reward for its return. i tried calling my phone again that night. Some old lady answered: she was tempted to sell my phone, but the reward I promised was more than what she was expecting so she returned it to me. I dont know if i should be mad because she admitted to being dishonest(she was gonna sell the phone), or that I'm mad at myself because I was careless and gullible to actually pay her off.

The next day, I was gave jerseys to my neighborhood kids then I took them all out to dinner. I try to keep in touch with my neighborhood kids, and see how they are and just let them enjoy stuff that they don't get to experience a lot. I took them to the best restaurant in town. And in the middle of trying to manage 30 kids and make sure everything is in order, my camera disappeared. At first, I refuse to believe that any of the kids could have done it. But this is not the first time I lost things around them. It sucks because I'm starting to think that maybe I should just stop being so nice to them. Believe me, I try to be careful, and at the best of my carefulness, it is not effective.

Other than that, Argao is generally fine. I'm in my element. I go to the market for fresh fruits that are a quarter of what they cost if I got them in the States. Fresher, too. Free bananas from my auntie's farm. I get to drive like nuts on a motorbike. And best of all, I could make sure Papa is comfortable and having a good time, watching his favorite movies, talking long walks with Darren(pushing his wheelchair), eating whatever he likes to, and entertaining his stream of visiting relatives. Despite all the things that went wrong, it is still good to be home.

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