Oct 6, 2006

Trip to the Philippines

At the airport, posing with Darren's drink.

The trip was mainly to visit my grandfather, but it turned out that it was fiesta time, too. We were all over the town, and my grandpa loves it when we take him out for walks(or technically a ride on his wheelchair). My grandpa also loves having people visit and say hi. He's been mostly cooped up in his room lately. Mostly, he gets really tired after going around town, but he enjoys seeing the fiesta sights, he said.

One time, we rented a car, and I took him to see my grandma's dad's house in Jomgao. Of course, the point was that he could visit and see how much the ancestral house has changed, but I couldn't help mentioning that I was a really darn good driver that day. The next day, we took him to the city for his checkup, and we were thinking of going around the mall with him, but he got too tired.

I lost my camera sometime during my trip to the Philippines. Luckily, Darren made backups of the earlier batch of pictures. The camera hog - me - is totally happy about it. The worst thing about losing a camera is losing irreplaceable pictures. A trip home is not something I can have every weekend, so those pictures mean even more to me. I wish all bad things befall on the camera thief(even though my upbringing may not agree). On the brighter side, there ARE some pictures saved.

So, friends, foes and fans (ha!) here are some pics from our recent trip back home.

On the plane...

Mayon Volcano, as seen from inside PAL Manila-Cebu.

view from the inside of a tricycle. The last leg of our travel. It was by plane, another plane, a cab, and then a tricycle. whew!

Target? Nah! That Geo Lee, a store near my house.

That's a Pitlagong

Fluvial Parade.. getting ready

Boats on Parade for the festival

Si Manang, in traditional garb

Si Darren, with young coconuts

Ako nasad! Dali!

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well..u could have invited us to clean up the dishes...and sud-an and the likes if nagka problema ka kay daghan ra kaau..hehheheehe unfortunately, no invitation arrived..ahaahahaah