Sep 6, 2006

Those Damsels

We went to Vallejo last weekend. After Mom beat us at Karaoke Revolution, and having a blast doing Guitar Hero, we went to her koi pond to feed the fish. But before anything else, let me just say: my mother-in-law can rock with Guitar Hero to the tune of "Iron Man"!

So, Mom has beautiful koi, each about a foot long. There are also some mosquito fish. And one goldfish with identity crisis. He thinks he's koi, adapting their colors and acting like one. Over many visits, I have overfed the fish at least a couple of times, not on purpose, of course. It is fun to watch them eat.

Last week, what really caught my eye were damselflies around her pond. They were flying in twos: a blue damselfly with its tail on the back of the head of a brown one. Okay, for those who don't know what damselflies look like, here's one (and I'm mighty proud that I took these pictures):

There were two couples on the side of the mini-waterfall for the pond. I took a couple of pictures that didn't turn out perfect, and dropped my camera case into the water. Bummer. I startled them a couple of times, and they seriously must have been annoyed at me, but I was too curious to be courteous to mating damselflies. Plus, they were doing in the open, anway. The damselflies were flying around a bit until they stopped on one of the water plants, thinking they were safe from the paparazzi(me). Not giving, up, I tried my best to lean over the water without falling in or disturbing procreation. Here are the best pics that I got:

I was wondering why one was blue and the other was brown, so naturally, I googled it up. (And yes, Ma Ate, 'google' is a verb now.) Males are usually blue, and females are normally brown. Interestingly enough, a National Geographic article on damselflies said that females sometimes change color to ward off unwanted male advances, and that males sometimes develop a preference for other males. Whoa!

Any comments on that, Paul?


Nick said...

Hahaha Paul wants to be a gay, oversized fly.

oona said...

With glowing lights, no less.