Sep 5, 2006

The Crocodile Hunter Died

I sprained my ankle yesterday. It was really painful, and of course, I was feeling really sorry for myself and was whining a lot. I thought I had the worst lot in the world. Yeah, drama queen thoughts. Sad, but true.

Then tonight, heard that the crocodile hunter guy died. I felt so bad. Darren and I like that guy. And here I was wallowing in self-pity over a sprained ankle! Ridiculously stupid of me.

I heard a stingray killed him while filming a nature documentary. I've seen someone's foot pierced by stingray tail and it wasn't a pretty sight. The stingray's tail went all the way through the guy's foot. That guy was stung by a smaller stingray, but those tails can be really sharp and has barbs. I guess Steve Irwin was attacked by a big one. That's scary!

Here's a video I found online:


pulangbanca said...

okay.. testing out comments

Maudester said...

Joen and I were devastated as well. DEVASTATED. Somehow, Animal Planet will never be the same again. He was the planet's best friend. Hay hay hay.. still not totally over it

oona said...

Lagi, no?

One thing that was so stupid was there was a reporter that said, "At least he died doing what he loved."

Duh! I'm sure no one loves being stung by stingrays. (rolling eyeballs)