Aug 20, 2006

Flight Thoughts

Last week, I went to Massachusetts. That meant a total of about 15 hours on the plane. And that is a long time. Imagine how many people Jack Bauer would have killed in that amount of time.

I spent most of it sleeping. And trying to stay asleep. It is interesting how in almost any group of people, there are some people that just don't fit in. I know also tons of people don't want to fit in.

On my flight home, this one girl(I think she has a bright pink personality, with glitter) from two seats back just would not shut up! Long and loud. Really loud, like I can hear her over Josh Groban blaring(nicely) on my ipod. And she wasn't saying anything THAT interesting, either.

"Yeah, I'm like really good with PowerPoint, like, you know, I make all kinds of PowerPoint presentations for my boss. Like, in really nice colors, you know... One time, I tried some pink in it............and it sucks that we can't carry moisturizer on the plane......" And she spoke like every single comma and period was a question. I'm pretty sure it triggered lots of RPMs of eyeball rolling in the plane. I hope she never has to be on a deserted island a la 'Lost'. That would be a total disaster. She'd probably be like, "Oh no, I can't get a manicure on this island! It's a great weight loss program, though..." or maybe just .. think cricket sounds.. hehe.

Of course, I had so much fun looking at the other people in the plane. There were those that work on the plane like there's no tomorrow. There's a bunch of starstruck PDA'ers, children bored up to their eyeballs, people engrossed in books, movies on laptops, sudoku, some girl was freezing in her miniskirt and tube top; and people observing other people. And then there are those who were asleep. Mouths open, some gentle snoring, some leaning or almost totally leaning on their seatmates.

Flight attendants are another story. On the four flights I was on, only one stewardess was nice. Most of the others were so not nice, they would not have a chance at a job at Starbucks. It's kinda funny to me. In the Philippines, to be a flight attendant is kind of a social status. That means one is pretty, smart and nice. That does not seem to be the case here.

Speaking of which, I know someone back in the Philippines who interviewed to be a flight attendant. She said she was 5'2" tall, and was wearing boots to the interview. Being a nice, really pretty and smart girl, the interview went really well until she was asked to take her shoes off so they can measure her height. She hasn't done her laundry for a while, and unfortunately, she had holes on her sock.

In my experience, flight attendants in the Philippines are generally nicer. I could be wrong, though, I have flown at lot more in the Philippines than here. Or it could be that I like being greeted with warm Filipino smiles.

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Maudester said...

MAAAYYN. I hate those girls who speak in questions instead of sentences. "I was like, there, and he was like, here, and we were just like, hanging? And he like, pretty much let me do most of the talking? And I was like, WHOAH, I am so freaking bored?"